Sunny dolls and various colors – Teru teru bouzu to iroiro iro English Translation

If you laugh, and soon after

the sun shines through a rift in the clouds

I can talk about our happy days

Without crying

愛色色 寒空イエロー面影色 雨雨ブルー
Love ,all sorts
The color yellow
Rain’s blue
Cold weather
The colors of faces

Being with you, a gray shadow

「Well, it’ll disappear soon」

So, shall we paint over it?

君が笑ったその時に「   」言えるのかな
While you were smiling, I was able to say ..

「   」

Seeing your perfect smile, I was able to add your color

影色色 灰色ブルー 頭の中
Shadows, all sorts
Gray, blue
In the mind

愛色々 君が居なくて
Love, all sorts
You’re not here
Cold weather’s color

Well, soon my shadow will become a lie (dark) and disappear

You’re laughing and I’m laughing, the story of one year ago


Now you won’t even show me that gesture..Do you hate it?

君が笑ってくれる日まで 此処で待ってるよ
あの日に戻れるように てるてる坊主を吊るした
Until the day you show me your smile,

I’ll wait  right here for its return, hanging sunny dolls.

Translated by Morgoth


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